Honeymoon in Bali

I really wanted to visit Europe for my honeymoon. I got married in January (2017) and I am no fan of extreme cold. So my husband and I decided to visit Bali instead, envisioning a “beachy” February vacation.

Now Bali has multiple towns, areas, beaches – each with its own uniqueness. We decided to divide our time and explore three such areas.

1. Ubud – the rainforest town

We decided to stay at The Royal Pita Maha resort for the first four days of our vacation. This resort is built within the rainforest and has some breathtaking sights. Our villa was on a high floor with a personal pool and a beautiful view of the rainforest.




Living in a rainforest has its upsides and downsides. Downsides if you are not a big fan of house insects. Our room had a permanent uninvited guest, a chichak – house lizard, that would make noises. Well…mostly at night. Scary it was but we got used to it. And frogs! They would accompany us at night.. in those dark and gloomy and deserted alleys. That said, the upsides outweighed the downsides for us.

Many resorts in Bali are built in a way that you can spend a whole lot of time within the resort – with a multitude of activities (cycling, yoga, pottery, etc.) and pretty sights. We spent half of our first day of honeymoon in the pool and second half exploring the property.

We spent the next day going around the town. A hotel shuttle would take us to the market area and back at set times. That helped a lot. Uber helped too!

My husband and I were both very impressed with the cafes and restaurants in Ubud. You could just enter any restaurant or cafe, without checking reviews online, and it wouldn’t disappoint you. Each place had its decor and/or a view which was amazing. Here is a view of Cafe Angsa we ended up going to after a long walk.


We explored the Ubud market over next couple of days. It was, as claimed in online reviews, very colourful.


And there were these everywhere!

And if you do plan to visit sometime, be prepared to bargain. The shopkeepers might go as low as 1/6th of the price they quote.

For our last dinner in Ubud, we decided to visit Bridges Bali. Now this was one of those acclaimed places online. Built in a rainforest setting, Bridges Bali had multiple levels of seating. We started out at the bar on a lower floor and moved for dinner upstairs. The view was that of tress, water streams and hanging lights. Very very beautiful.



While moving resorts from Ubud to Seminyak, we decided to visit an active volcano site, Mt. Batur, and paddy fields. We booked a Kintamani Travels cab for 10 hours and that covered our entire day trip.

Weather on our way to Mt. Batur was awesome – cloudy and windy, and so was the visit area.


Next to Mt. Batur is Lake Batur.


Paddy fields were a refreshing break from all those flat farmlands I have seen so far.



Our cab driver also suggested we visit the Luwak coffee making process. Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. And it is made out of POOP. Yes! Luwak is the animal that eats coffee berries and defecates these beans that are cleaned and dried and crushed.

The farm where the entire process is shown is built in a pretty and compact manner.

And here is me trying my hand at drying the beans:


They also let you do a free tea and coffee sampling at the end of the tour!


2. Seminyak – the peppy area

This was my favourite area of the entire trip. We stayed at The Legian Bali and got a room with a view of the Indian Ocean. We could see the sunset rom our balcony. It was quite a pretty sight.


We visited Kuta on the first evening. The street was abuzz with music and was very lively. We went to Sky Garden, which is a four storied night club. If you are into night clubs, this is a must visit!

We spent rest of the time in Seminyak exploring beautiful restaurants, resorts and neighbourhood. Meanwhile, our hotel decided to surprise us when they found out we were on our honeymoon.


So here’s a list of my top four favourite places in Seminyak:

a. Merah Putih

I had the best Mie Goreng here. And it was vegetarian. Yummm food and awesome decor.


b. La Favela

We almost missed this place while we were wandering around Seminyak. This restaurants has multiple seating sections – you can sit indoors with lovely lights, you can grab a table with no roof, and you can also sit on a bridge – everything indoors still. It had this old rustic decor. Food was good and they graciously agreed to prepare a vegetarian pizza for me.


c. Motel Mexicola

Now this was the most colourful and vibrant restaurants of amongst all we visited! Food was good. I found it a little bland for my taste. But the music and the crowd made up for that.


d. La Laguna

One of those dreamy beachy kinda restaurants. I loved the decor. The food was good too. Again, many vegetarian options. We ended up going there on a cloudy day which made the place all the more pleasant for us.


Walking in Seminyak 

Seminyak has a lot of tastefully built resorts. One of things I loved about this places was that we could walk along the beach hopping resorts.

So one fine evening we decided to start from our resort and covered this route, all along the beach:

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.07.34 am
Image source: Google Maps

We had been Potato Head earlier, so decided to exit through W Retreat and Spa. W has a beautiful beachside restaurant and bar, Woobar.


And the entrance to the resort is quite like a love tunnel:


On our way from Seminyak to Nusa Dua, we decided to visit one of the holy temples – Purah Tanah Lot. Built on a large rock, the temple is surrounded by water on all sides. We went here on a high tide day. So the water covered the entrance to the temple as well. And here were waves coming in from everywhere. We spent about an hour looking at the activities around. The priests crossed the wavy water and reached the temple to start their daily rituals.



3. Nusa Dua – the upscale area

This was the last leg of our honeymoon. We stayed at The Sofitel for a couple of days. This was again an ocean view room, just greener than the previous one.


We spent a lot of time exploring the property. Sofitel is a big resort. It had multiple restaurants offering various cuisines. The buffet breakfast was awesome with a selection of different cuisines.


Nusa Dua has a lot of luxury resorts. One could spend a lot of time within the property. We did not find much to do outside the resort area. On one of the days we decided to visit the Waterblow point, where one could see the waves splashing across a rock. Unfortunately, it was a low tide. So all we saw was still water. From there we went to Nusa Dua beach, and on our way spotted this:


A scene right out of the Hindu mythology. In that room inside was  alive size version of the Bhagavad Gita.

The resort a plethora of beautiful sights to offer.



Overall it was a very relaxing vacation.

Bali is extremely green. There is a freshness in air that’ll rejuvenate you. Life is not fast paced. You’ll find yourself walking a lot and maybe doing yoga by the beach. There is no paucity of vegetarian food. In fact, many of the big restaurants had a separate vegetarian menu. Weather in February was nice. It rained only during the nights, not disrupting our day travel plans.

We did not spend even half a day by the beach! Bali can be anything you want it to be!


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